Innovation Through Experience

Innovation Through Experience

Innovation Through Experience

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Why a Roll-Top Design?

We knew there had to be a better solution when it came to securing and hanging meat bags. We are confident that our roll-top design will make meat handling easier than you ever thought possible.

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The Roll-Top Meat Bag Origin

While hunting coastal black bears in Southeast Alaska, traditional drawstring game bags proved difficult to securely hang from above the weather deck of the maritime transport vessel. Our Founder, Isaiah Joner, knew there had to be a better way.

Meat Bag Overview

Customer Reviews...From The Field


These are the easiest meat bags to handle. Even when hanging a full elk quarter by myself, the roll-top design makes it easier than I ever thought would be possible!

Gus D.

Fullerton, CA


The ease of hanging these bags is true perfection!

Caleb J.

Tucson, AZ


So grateful for your guys' roll-top design! At only 115 pounds, I'll take every advantage I can get when hanging game quarters by myself!

Jen P.

Cedar City, UT


I dig these meat bags. If I had only one saved round, it would be the heavier nature of buckles vs. draw-string, but those FEW ounces I will accept EVERY time.

James F.

Huntington Beach, CA


These guys are on to something with these roll-top meat bags. Great idea, great quality. Looking forward to breaking them in come September!

Mike D

Boulder, CO